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 Post subject: MISA & Bivolaru - Brief Overview
PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2008 5:11 pm 
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Gregorian Bivolaru was born in 1952 as an illegitimate child of a woman who lived in a village close to Bucharest, the capital of Romania. At that time the country was under the communist regime, but things were not yet the worst they could be. Little is known about his childhood, except for the things that he told himself. One thing is for sure, and that is that he grew up in very modest conditions, being raised by his mother, an aunt and a grandmother. He seems to have been a very quiet child, animal loving, and that in his youth he used to read a lot. According to his sayings, as a child he used to have dreams of himself having a different face, and he later came to the conclusion that they were memories from a previous life, when he was a Tibetan monk. Around the age of 17 he had a mystical experience during which he says the mission of his life was revealed. In high school he was giving lectures to his colleagues about philosophical issues, and around the age of 20 he started teaching yoga after learning and practicing it from books. But what really caught his interest was the sexual aspect related to the tantric tradition.

During Ceausescu’s time people were not allowed to travel and it was very difficult to have access to information. He tells very proudly that he was smuggling spiritual books into the country. But along with his interest for spirituality went his obsession with pornography, which at that time in Romania was illegal. His criminal records begin back in the 70’s, when he spent some time in jail because the security found pornographic materials at his place. He complains that they took away all his books and he never got them back again.

At that time he already had a group of people who were practicing yoga under his guidance, which is not hard to understand because he was talking about freedom and sexuality at a time of repression when the security was watching everything. Yoga was then forbidden by law, so he managed to find his way into jail for a second time for teaching yoga. It was then when he supposedly escaped in a miraculous way, which turned him even more into a hero to his followers. By the time the regime changed in Romania he was again a “political prisoner” this time in a mental hospital called “Poiana Mare”. He was released in December 1989, and from then on his group of followers expanded at the speed of light. The young Romanian people who had been raised in a materialistic culture were totally excited with his promises of freedom and sexual delights, and enthusiastically promoted his teachings all through the land. However, it seems that there was one thing he has learned during his detention period: the official teachings of the school carefully stayed away from all the things that were illegal like for instance the consumption of drugs or group sex.

In his lectures he would always talk about morality and ethics and about God. One of his fixed ideas was that the Romanian people had some special spiritual planetary mission, and that his followers were lucky to belong to a group of chosen people who had the unparalleled chance to be around him and help him carry out this mission. Over the years, out of his infinite compassion for the human kind, he made his followers meditate for deviating asteroids which were supposed to hit the planet, prevent earthquakes, but also help certain individuals win elections, or end their political career, the main focus in the last years being on getting the very master out of the troubles he got himself into.

The “Yoga” courses
This is the entry level, where you go to the classes, practice asanas, hear about the benefits of the vegetarian diet, various cleansing techniques, but also the basic yoga principles like not lying, not stealing, not being greedy. It all seems very nice and exciting until you slowly find out that Grieg’s “executives” are following some different rules dictated by the master himself. The content of the written courses is a compilation from different sources, which are often not quoted, and although all his teachings were taken from books that his followers brought him as a present from abroad, he would make them pass as “unique revelations” that were given for the first time on this planet. There might be some funny things in the course, but all in all you feel yoga is good for you, so you keep going, and might even be excited with what is happening to you. After a few months in the course you would inevitably find out about the yoga camps and might be curious to attend.

The Camps
At this point your innocence might ask you some interesting questions, like: why do we have to give full-body pictures in bathing suits and the results of the blood tests for HIV and syphilis. Good question. Well, it’s because the guru wants to see your aura and then over the years how you evolve through yoga. Good point. What about the blood tests? …. Well, they are mandatory. Why? To keep the mouth of the authorities shut. What? You know what? Take it or leave it. These are the rules, I did not make them, if you’re not happy you don’t have to come. Fine. So you give the pictures, and the test results, and you are happily waiting in line to get your camp ID card. You get the program of the camp and a new set of rules: no smoking, no drinking, no drugs, no meat, no coffee, no heavy metal music etc. Fair enough. Hopefully you can still get some nice sex, of course with consecration, transfiguration and continence. You go out on the streets and you think that you really are lucky to be in this school.

There are even special conferences for men and for women. This is something you cannot miss. You’re a bit late, so you can hardly find a place, but you make it through the check at the door (no mobile phones, no cameras, no recording devices), and sit somewhere on the floor. There it goes: they are playing a movie. What? It’s a porn. A black guy with a huge lingam. You wait for hours for something interesting and spiritual to happen. Well, it doesn’t. The top event is some exemplification done but the very master himself where they are playing some new age music and you are supposed to close your eyes and feel some special state like “virility”, or “sexual frenzy” or God knows what. You think there might be something wrong with you since you only feel you could use some fresh air. After 16 hours it’s finally over and you go out more confused than ever. But at least you can have some fun at the swimming pool….

Anyway, whatever you do, don’t miss the spiral! Thousands of people are waiting in line to get in, then they hold hands and meditate, again with the subtle support of the master. You see nice people talking, laughing, hugging, kissing. Looks like the right place to be. And they are all so serious about what they are doing, so there must be something to it. “Maybe I’m not far enough, but if I practice hard enough, one day I will feel something” you tell yourself and keep going.

If you make it to the end of the first year of yoga, you will probably go to the summer camp in Costinesti, and see the Miss Shakti contest. That’s where hundreds of women are stripping on the stage to prove their spirituality. It’s all about overcoming your own limits and manifesting the feminine principle, they say, but to me it always look like some cheap erotic show. However, there are lots of people who seem to enjoy it.

The tantric initiations
If you are still wondering what’s happening to those pictures you keep sending to Grieg, here’s the answer. He picks up the pretty girls that he wants to have sex with, and sends them an invitation to come and meet him in person. While he was in Romania his guests were staying at the so-called Shakti villa, for free, of course, where they had all kinds of sweets, porno movies and sex toys. Underage girls are also welcome, and even if the master did not take away their virginity yet, they are strongly encouraged to have a female lover. During the camp Bivolaru was always busy having sex with one of the shaktis, no wonder he could never make it on time to the conferences where over thousand people were waiting for him to deliver his unique revelations. Never mind them. Let them burn their stupid karma. Since he is in Sweden the women have to fly over to him, but the shakti villa is still full during the summer, and the girls are just entertaining each other I guess.

So what happens at the initiation? Bivolaru is an unattractive man and an unskilled lover, so it’s hard to understand why all these women are sleeping with him. They are told that he will burn their karma, awaken their state of Shakti, and speed-up their spiritual evolution, but since he never uses protection a lot of women have been infected by him with several sexually transmitted diseases which have become ever harder to cure. He is proud to have slept with over 6000 women and denies any accusation of infecting them.

The MISA money well
As the female adepts slowly overcome their inhibitions, some brilliant business people within the organization have figured out a way to put their openness to some good use. This is how spiritual prostitution came to being. It is now widely spread within the movement in the form of stripping in night-clubs, erotic video-chat and production of adult movies, all for a spiritual purpose: to make Bivolaru rich, and richer, and richer. You might have heard a different story: he never does anything for himself, it is for the people to be able to practice yoga, to build the yoga room, the ashrams, to keep the ashrams going, to pay the lawyers, but if it was like this, it should have stopped at some point. Instead, it is becoming ever more wide spread and even women with a high education get caught in the system and hardly ever find their way out.

This was bad enough even with the women knowing what they were doing, but at some point things went out of control and the miss shakti contest was used for some porno production, where some women ended up on dvd while knowing that they were taking some secret test in the contest and that only Bivolaru would watch the recordings. Of course, they had to swear on the Bible that they would never tell anything.

The trial
The different more or less illegal activities going on behind the curtains of the MISA sect caught the eye of the Romanian authorities ending up in the disaster on the 18th of March 2004. The police broke into several ashrams and abused their inhabitants, took away all they could find and devastated the locations. It was a disaster because it did not solve anything and it made MISA and its leader look even more like victims of the regime. Bivolaru’s 17 years old lover, Madalina Dumitru confessed under pressure to the prosecutors that she was having sex with him, but later denied and even defended him in the trial in Sweden where he got political asylum thanks to her lies. A trial is still going on in Romania on human trafficking and other charges, but Bivolaru is doing well in Sweden with his almost empty fridge, and keeps inviting young beautiful women to visit him, either from Romania, or from some other branches that MISA has in Europe or elsewhere.

So this was the short version of the story. If you would like some spicy details, you can look into the different topics of this section, and if you have questions we will do our best to answer them.

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